Hometown Farmer - Wet weather puts harvest on hold

    Hometown Farmer - Wet weather puts harvest on hold

    During the spring and summer farmers hope for a lot of rain, but not this time of the year.

    We're heading down to Whiting, Ia this week in "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer," to see why the wet weather has the harvest on hold.

    "This part of this farm, we were out here, we just couldn't go," said farmer Ken Carlson.

    It hasn't gotten any easier, either.

    "It has been a very frustrating fall, we can't seem to string together a stretch of nice, warm, sunny weather," said Carlson. "It doesn't even have to be warm."

    Every rainy fall day means one more day he isn't been able to get out into the field and get those crops out.

    It's a frustrating situation.

    Even when he tries to harvest, equipment gets stuck in the mud.

    "This is where we gave up trying to get through the field, here," said Carlson, pointing to an area with deep ruts, where a piece of farm equipment had tried to traverse when it was too wet.

    The weather hasn't been great for the crops, either.

    Corn rots and falls over and kernels can even start growing.

    "I've found some sprouted kernels on the bottom of the ears," said Carlson.

    The beans haven't done much better, either, they're hanging on for dear life.

    "I've started to see where the top pods of beans started popping open and some of the beans are hanging on the pod, trying to stay in there," said Carlson.

    There's nothing left to do, now, except wait for it to dry out.

    "We may need to have three or four days of sunshine and a light breeze before the ground is suitable," said Carlson.

    Farmers just have to get out in the field when they can and hope for better conditions.

    "Whatever happens this year, it's going to be totally different next year," said Carlson.

    According to the Iowa Department of Agriculture 15% of the corn crop is out, which is actually ahead of schedule for this time of year.

    When it comes to soybeans, though, only 18% have been harvested in Iowa, which is behind schedule.

    To view the full report from the Iowa Department of Agriculture, please visit: https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/IACIO/bulletins/213239f.

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