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Hometown Farmer - Wolff Farms

Taylor Deckert visit Wolff Farms for this week's "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer." (SIOUXLAND NEWS){ }
Taylor Deckert visit Wolff Farms for this week's "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer." (SIOUXLAND NEWS)
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It's almost May, and Farmer's Market season is upon us.

Wolff Farms is a staple farmer's market stand in three of the largest metro areas in Northeast Nebraska.

A father-son duo, Duane and Jay Wolff manage and run operations at Wolff Farms along with other family members.

The farm is located just a few miles off the Elk Horn river, 4 miles out of Norfolk, Nebraska.

The homestead farm has been in the family for nearly 150 years.

"I grew up on the farm. I've lived in a few cities for short periods of time. I would never reside there permanently. And it's a great place. Great place to raise a family get to work together," Duane said.

They're going into a summer rhythm: Plant, harvest, repeat.

"We're planting all kinds of different vegetables. I mean, just today they're they're planting cabbage, kohlrabi, tomatoes. We're transplanting bunch of onions today we have other, we have cabbage, kohlrabi, kale that we've trained or that we planted four weeks ago that's actually outside right now where we're hardening the plants to getting them ready to transplant," Jay said.

It's a full operation, with all hands on deck for the summer.

"I counted 34 different fruits and vegetables that we're growing everything from asparagus to zucchini, pretty much any annual vegetable and a few fruits that you can grow in northeast Nebraska," Jay added.

This week's harvest? Fresh spinach. By lunchtime the spinach was at the local Norfolk grocery store, HyVee.

"can't get much fresher than that!" Jay said while harvesting the spinach.

While harvesting the greens, they were also preparing the ground for new plants.

"Irrigation is underneath and then what we do is put this plastic on the top of our raised bed. This helps with Weed Prevention and also warms the soil up," Jay said.

all of this work to bring customers organic produce right to your local farmers markets.

If there is a market on Saturday, they wait to harvest until Friday to keep it as fresh as possible.

"After the first of May we attend about seven different farmers markets. Sioux City, Iowa, Omaha, Lincoln, Norfolk for a few others," Duane added.

The farm also does a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) fresh produce bundle. Starting Monday, June 5th and continuing for 14 weeks throughout the summer, you can pick up a week’s worth of farm-fresh, USDA certified organic produce every Monday evening. Click here for more info on how to sign up, and where to pick up your fresh finds.

A new recipe will be included in your produce box each week covering a different item. As the season progresses, the produce in your box will vary.

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