HTF: Dine at the County Line

HTF - Dine at the County Line

Chances are, if you don't live on a farm, you probably don't know much about agriculture.

A few groups in Siouxland and a pair of life-long farmers are hoping to change that, opening up their farm and letting folks "Dine at the County Line."

There are a two likely reasons you'll see a crowd at Lowell and Judy Vos's farm August 24th.

The setting: the farm sits on the Woodbury-Plymouth County line, after all.

It seems like the Vos's themselves are the other.

"My whole life," said Lowell Vos. "I'm 73-years-old and I've been farming my whole life."

On August 24th, Lowell and his wife Judy will be the host family for a first-of-its-kind get-together, put on by Iowa State University Extension and Siouxland Agriculture in the Classroom.

It's called "Dine at the County Line."

"Beef, hogs, sheep, corn, soybeans, dairy, goats, honey," said Lowell. "We're just promoting Iowa products."

Lowell is good at promotion, you have to be when you're a farmer these days.

There are fewer of them all the time.

"I go to church in Sioux City," said Lowell. "I'm the only farmer at my church and they're constantly asking me, 'how do you do this?' 'How do you do that?' People are very concerned about their food and they have a right to be."

Lowell's not just a farmer, though.

He's a Vice President with the Iowa Cattlemen's Association.

He knows how to promote Iowa products.

"We are noted for having, probably, the cleanest food in the world," said Lowell. "It's not perfect, because we're learning all the time and we have some bumps in the road, but we work through them and try to make it better."

So why have a get-together out on the county line?

More families are wondering: where does my food come from before it gets to the grocery store.

The Vos's are opening up their farm to help answer that question.

They're also hoping to show people that farmers like themselves care about what they grow.

"The first people that don't want anything bad are the people that live out on the farm," said Lowell. "Because we drink the water, we work with the animals, we try to do a good job."

If you're interested in dining at the county line and want to register, please visit this web site:

If you think of a farmer that might be great on "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer," please email Jake at:

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