HTF - FFA Award Winner

HTF - FFA Award Winner

Did being in Future Farmers of America help prepare Kellie Einck for the rest of her life?

She says so and she's got the rare award to prove it!

"Actually, I'd never worked on a tractor before starting here," said Einck, working at Icon Ag & Turf in Paullina. "It was always trucks."

But, if you saw Einck working now, you'd never know it.

"These are the fun ones to work on," said Einck, tooling away on an old John Deere. "There's no computer work to it, it's all mechanical."

Einck graduated high school in 2014 and started working at Icon Ag & Turf.

She learned diesel technology at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon.

"I wanted to be a mechanical engineer, so I thought that would be a good starting point," said Einck.

Nowadays, she does a lot more than just work on equipment.

"Payroll, invoicing," said Einck.

She says she got a lot of the skill to do all of it through FFA.

"Meat judging, job interview, ag mechanics, a wide variety of things," said Einck.

In October, she was awarded one of the highest honors an FFA member can get.

She's the first in Iowa, in 19 years, to win the American Star Award in Ag Placement.

Less than one percent of FFA members even get close to that honor.

Einck says, the lessons learned as a "Future Farmer," will come in handy for the rest of her life.

"Without FFA I don't think I'd be anywhere close to here," said Einck. "Like I said, with the job interview and public speaking events, you become a well-rounded person."

Einck isn't just an award winner, she's going to Briar Cliff for an accounting degree, graduating this month.

She's got her pilot's license, too.

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