HTF - Mulberry Creek Farm

HTF - Mulberry Creek Farm

There are goats at Mulberry Creek Farm, near Elk Point, South Dakota.

"They're kind of like big pets," said Adam Carlson, owner and manager of Mulberry Creek Farm.

You can see some pigs and Sparky the pony, too.

"He's gentle," said Carlson. "All of our young nieces and nephews ride him around in the summer."

Those are some of the farm animals, but what about farm implements?

One of those is the "chicken tractor."

"It's basically a mobile chicken coop," said Carlson.

Adam built a few of'em by hand.

They're able to be moved around to a different spot every day, allowing the birds graze in different spots.

They'll come in handy this year, with his family's flock of chickens.

"We had the land and started raising as much as we can," said Carlson. "Now we're expanding so we can help our community members out, too."

After researching the health benefits of antibiotic-free meat, Adam and his wife decided to up the amount of chickens his family raises.

There are the egg - layers.

"Usually get about 300 eggs per chicken, per year," said Carlson.

The cornish chickens will come in a few weeks.

Those birds are raised for meat.

Adam hopes to raise 600 or 700 hundred of them this year, up from the 200 the family raised in years past.

"They're fairly easy to take care of," said Carlson. "We don't do any antibiotics or anything like that, because of raising them like this, the live a very healthy life so it makes our job easy."

The family was expanding into butchering the chickens themselves right on the farm.

That way the animals are as stress-free as possible.

"Animals that are stressed right before you butcher'em, it actually affects the meat quality and the taste," said Carlson.

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