HTF - Nebraska Power Farming Show

HTF - Nebraska Power Farming Show

The second-largest indoor farm show in the United States is coming to Lincoln, Nebraska next week: the annual "Nebraska Power Farming Show."

This 11th year for the show will feature 760 exhibitors, the most ever.

The farming show starts December 5th, and Show Director Tom Junge says new ideas for the land are going to be big this year.

"Cover crop seeding, there are more companies talking about that and we're seeing more farmers that are using cover crops," said Junge. "Tiling is sort of interesting. Nebraska really hasn't done a lot of tiling compared to Iowa, so we're seeing a lot more activity on that end of it and quite a few companies that are coming over, showing what they have available for tiling."

There is always a lot of equipment on display, too.

The biggest, newest and the most high-tech, especially geared for farmers here in the midwest.

"In this type of a show you have everything, down to the smallest precision ag up to the combines," said Junge. "There's a lot of variety at this show, so even if farmers are looking at spending a little less money this year, there are still a lot of items that can really help improve the production of their operation."

If you want to go to the farm show, it's at the Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln from December 5th through 7th.

Admission and parking are free!

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