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HTF - Pennings farm keeps writing history

HTF - Pennings farm keeps writing history
HTF - Pennings farm keeps writing history
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There's a lot of history on the Pennings family farm, southwest of Orange City, Ia.

Maybe you remember it?

There was a museum dedicated to a big animal and a lot of family history on display.

The history there isn't just a thing of the past, though, because the farm is alive and well.

"This is the big attraction of the morning, of course," said Lynnette Pennings, trying to shoo away a kitten while milking a goat.

Goats are a passion for Pennings and she has a couple dozen of them right now.

"I did not have goats growing up, but I became interested in them at the 4-H fair," said Pennings. "(I) actually bought my first three goats from a 4-H kid."

Milking is a main morning chore for her, a big difference from her life in California.

After growing up on the farm, she moved to the coast for work, then came back to Sioux County about ten years ago.

She likes the rural lifestyle and wanted to keep making history on her family farm.

"It's important to me to be able to pass this on to my kids, my nieces, other kids and people who want to see how it was and who long for something like this," said Pennings.

The milk from the goats will feed a couple of calves.

"This is Pretty Boy Floyd," said Pennings, pointing out one of the hungry calves. "You're a good boy."

There are about 40 head of cattle living on the farm.

This time of year they fight with geese for good grass in the pasture, one of the sights Pennings loves to see, living back home on the farm.

"I'm so glad I took the risk, because this is where I want to be and this is what I want to be doing," said Pennings. "It's a good life, the life I want."

School groups are more than welcome to visit the farm, or the family farming museum.

If you'd be interested, you can get in touch with Lynnette Pennings via email at: or by phone at: (805) 766 - 7187.

If you'd like to nominate someone for "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer," please email Jake at:

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