Proud to be a Hometown Farmer - Atkinson's Greenhouse

Proud to be a Hometown Farmer - Atkinson's Greenhouse

Sometimes people take their backyard gardens up a notch and really turn a hobby into a way to make some money.

That's what Anna Atkinson is doing.

So we're heading to Atkinson's Greenhouse in Sioux City, this week, in "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer."

"Well, I usually do about 700 to 1,000 plants, for selling and then also for planting for myself," said Atkinson. "My grandmother did this for a living, so I took after her and just started my own when I got out on my own."

Atkinson is hoping the weather starts cooperating for planting.

"Usually I've planted the garden by now," said Atkinson. "I'm probably going to start this week. Usually I've started by the first of May."

The weather has been warmer, though, and things are really poppin', now.

The rhubarb, for example.

"About a week-and-a-half-ago there was nothing here," said Atkinsons, pointing to a long row of rhubarb.

Anna says the plant gets more popular with buyers every year.

"There are a lot of younger people that are really starting to get into buying this stuff," said Atkinson. "Sometimes it doesn't grow fast enough for me to sell it."

This early in the season she says strawberry plants are her big sellers.

"They're about the first things to pop up," said Atkinson.

The rest of the year tomatoes sell big.

Right now, you can find those in the greenhouse.

"Lots of varieties of tomatoes and peppers," said Atkinson.

In about a week, the small plants inside will be moved outside.

"My biggest goal is, I sell them cheaper than pretty much anywhere you can get'em in town," said Atkinson. "I want people to be able to get fresh produce that's cheap and affordable."

And in a few months, the patch of land in Anna Atkinson's backyard will sprout up a lot of fine produce.

If you want to check out what else Anna has growin', she has a Facebook page.

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