Proud to be a Hometown Farmer - Feedlot Forum 2019


    More than 100 people involved with the Iowa cattle industry were in Sioux Center for the Iowa State University Extension Feedlot Forum week in Sioux Center on Jan. 15th.

    Turns out the trade war with China might not be having as direct of an impact on the beef industry as you might think.

    Siouxland News Anchor Jacob Heller has more in this week's edition of "Proud to be a Hometown Farmer."

    The talk was on all things cattle at the 2019 feedlot forum.

    Topics included everything from what restaurants look for in beef, to popular cuts of meat for your average, every day beef-eaters.

    "People want smaller cuts that are more like a filet, so we're trying to find more areas in that muscle where we can utilize more steak cuts," said Chris Freland, with the Iowa Beef Industry Council.

    You could hear talk about government shutdowns, tariffs & trade wars, too!

    "Trade is a top priority, and that's really because it drives so much value," said JanLee Rowlett, with the Iowa Cattlemen's Association. "Over $300 per head in value is derived from international trade."

    Rowlett says the China trade war hasn't affected Iowa beef as directly as other commodities, like soybeans.

    "China is really a re-developing market for us in the last couple of years, not a huge direct market for us," said Rowlett. "But we are impacted indirectly, as other commodities depend on that market."

    Dale Vatthauer, with AgriVision Equipment, says 2018 was a good year for sales and company expansion, but he can see apprehension when it comes to the trade war.

    "I think what it's creating is the uncertainty for people to maybe spend in the short-term," said Vatthauer. "I think long-term, this is probably a good thing, I'm hoping it is, we have to just take that leap of faith that it makes sense to do this."

    So, how does 20 19 look for beef, especially when it comes to international markets?

    "Our Japan market is growing," said Steve Rehder, with the Iowa Beef Industry Council.

    And, sounds like Asia as a whole should continue to grow as a market for Iowa beef.

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