Proud to be a Hometown Farmer - Tree Pans

Proud to be a Hometown Farmer - Tree Pans

You'll notice a lot of young trees at the Akron, Iowa City Park.

They are just a few of the four-million planted on public property in the United States each year.

"About half of those don't make it in the first two years," said Bill Brown.

If you look more closely at the trees, near the bottom, you'll notice something else.

These little domes are called "Tree Pans."

"You can weed-eat and mow around it," said Brown. "Won't hurt it a bit."

Bill invented the plastic domes after his sons were working at a local orchard during a drought.

He saw them putting mulch at the base of the trees there.

"It just didn't seem right that we were putting all this wood product around there, that sucks up water," said Brown. "So we started doing research back then and it's been 100-miles-per-hour ever since."

The tree pans come in a few parts and attach together at the bottom of the tree.

Then they're anchored into the ground.

The best part? You don't need to do much after that!

"The doors are expandable so it actually grows with the growth of the tree," said Brown. "All the way down to an inch to twelve inches in diameter."

The pans come in a few colors now and they've been shipped from Australia to Canada, plus from coast to coast in the U.S.

Bill and his wife run the company.

The two have another agricultural product, a special type of electric fence insulator, coming out soon.

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